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Chimney Breast Removal Experts

APS can install Gallows
Brackets from £500.00                        Call us on  07734 955010
for more information

APS leading chimney breast removal and chimney stack removal service.

Our reputation has been built on providing a prompt and reliable services. We work with local councils to ensure work is done quickly and efficiently approved.

Whether residential or commercial, our clients are treated to the same benefits of our experience and in-depth knowledge of the building industry.

Our teams have all the experience and the skills required to ensure that each project is completed on time and on budget.


We offer a professional chimney breast removal service with all work done to a high standard in a fast and reliable manner, supported and back by public liability insurance.


Call me on: 07734 955010 for a verbal estimate and

discuss your requirements.

•The weight of the brickwork to be supported should 

be to great however otherwise gallows brackets will

not be suitable. 


•The brickwork of the chimney should be bonded to

the party wall otherwise the chimney will need  to be

temporarily supported until the new supports  are in place.

It is critical that all Health and Safety planning is in place

before any work is done.

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