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Electrical Installation

Fuse boards/Consumer Units

From 1st July 2008 one of the major changes of the BS7671:2008 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations is that all circuits, i.e., power, lighting, shower, cooker etc, should be protected by a 30 milliamp RCD (Residual Current Device) for any cables installed at a depth of less than 50mm from a surface of a wall or a partition, where the cables do not incorporate mechanical protection or earth metallic covering etc.

This situation will usually be the case for installations in domestic or similar premises unless the installation is intended to be under the supervision of a skilled or an instructed person.

The above statement also applies to new rewires and any additional or new circuits installed after July 2008.

Examples of consumer units that do not meet British standards and pictures of electrical installations which are poor and in dangerous condition.



these consumer units/fuse boards do not meet current British Standards. This can be due to visible damage eg, broken fuse carriers, no residual circuit device (RCD) protection, no capacity for additional circuits (requires more circuit ways), or the consumer unit has a wooden back which can be a fire hazard or cable joints which are not terminated properly and are live and exposed.

This can be a major factor in causing an electrical fire.


Examples of consumer units which DO meet British Standards.

These consumer units are protected by an RCD (Residual Current Device) which will give you better protection to accommodate the upgrade along with the necessary MCBs (mini circuit breakers) to suit.

This gives overload and short circuit protection for the final circuits, as well as the capability of disconnecting a faulty circuit at a faster tripping time.

Inspecting & testing & periodic reports

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and time.

Therefore, it is important that it is periodically inspected and tested by a qualified electrician.

This could be very important if you are a landlord or for letting purposes.

You may require a Periodic Inspection Report on the electrical installation if you are considering buying a new home or thinking of renting business premises i.e. hair salon, newsagent, florist shop etc and would like to know the condition of your electrical installation,

APS Building  & Plumbing Services carry out this service

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